Sofa Set Cleaning Service

Your sofa is one of the places you can sit and take a good sigh of relief after along and tiresome day of vigorous activities. A clean and comfortable sofa will give you a proper relaxation as you breathe easy while meditating upon your life. We, The Matron cleaners are here to ensure that you keep enjoying the comfort of your sofa set by offering you the best and quality cleaning services for your whole set.

The Matron sofa set cleaning services company is the premiere cleaning services company that has been outshining its competitors in the cleaning services industry for 15years and counting. Our many years of quality service delivery has enabled us to be the most experienced cleaning services company that you can rely on to professionally clean your sofa set in Nairobi, across the country and beyond our borders.

We offer a series of cleaning services and sofa set cleaning is one of our core area of concern since this is where all your visitors and respected guest sit as soon as they step into your house. Our sofa set/upholstery cleaning services are professional as we use modern technological strategies and techniques including modern equipment and machinery to effectively and efficiently clean your sofa.

At Matron cleaners, we have fully trained professional steam technicians who will use non-toxic,

Eco-friendly detergents to thoroughly steam clean your sofa leaving it absolutely spotless. We carefully select the detergent we use on your sofa set to be sure that we meet all your preference and the detergents matches the color of your sofa. After steam cleaning, we professionally dry clean your sofa set to ensure that it’s all dried up to prevent future rotting in between the hidden parts of your sofa set.

At Matron Cleaners, we take into consideration stubborn stains, bacterial which occasionally hide within the sofa sets and cause infections to homeowners. We ensure that all the bacterial and awful odors are wiped off your house by carefully fumigating and deodorizing your sofa set which is often the major host of these disturbing intruders.

The moment you close a deal with us concerning your cleaning needs, we follow a well-planned protocol and procedures to be able to give you 100% top notch results.

Sofa Set Cleaning Procedure

  • Identifying the spots or stubborn stains on your sofa set; We conduct a careful inspection on your luxurious sofa set to be sure of the exact location of the stubborn stains and spots, bad odor, dust and mold on your sofa set.
  • Treating the spots and stains; We start by removing the most obvious stubborn stains and spots through special treatment where we use a small sample of our cleaning products to find out just how well the material and the color of your sofa can look after completion. We keep in mind that different furniture manufacturers use different fabrics to design sofa set, therefore it is very important for us to choose detergents and techniques that will best suite your sofa set color and fabric texture.
  • Paying special attention to frequently used areas especially the arms of the sofa; We, The Matron cleaners, understand that the arms of your sofa are the most vulnerable parts of your sofa set based of how people regularly touch them. We ensure that all your sofa set is thoroughly vacuumed and all the dusts, lint are removed for good.
  • Steam cleaning your sofa set; We use environmental friendly materials and machinery to vigorously steam your sofa set covering all the area of the set to kill all the bacteria and any other germs that might be present on your couch.
  • Sofa set/upholstery dry cleaning; To give your sofa set cleaning a perfect finish, we professionally dry clean the sofa set to ensure that it’s all dried up and ready for use immediately we declare the job complete.