Office Cleaning

Our impeccable reputation in the office cleaning industry has seen us maintain our top positon in this field of cleaning, hence, you can relax easy and let us clean your office to meet all your preference.

Sofa Set Cleaning

We are here to ensure that you keep enjoying the comfort of your sofa set by offering you the best and quality sofa set cleaning services. A clean and comfortable sofa will give you a proper relaxation

Carpet Cleaning

We provide unbeatable carpet cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya and its environs. We understand that different people have carpets of different colors, fabrics and sizes that’s why we customise

Mattress Cleaning

Have you been missing a healthy night sleep due to the discomfort of your mattress caused by its untidy nature? We understand that when you retire to your bed, all you want is to feel relaxed and

Post Construction Cleaning

After investing a huge sum of money in constructing a new house or renovating your old house, it is only logical that you walk into a freshly-sparkling clean space after its completion. That’s where our post construction cleaning comes in

Pest Control

We are experts in helping control any pest problems you have and offer expert advice on pest prevention to stop pests returning to your home. Our knowledge and understanding of pests allows us to provide you with effective service.

Car Interior Cleaning

Car interior cleaning entails several labor intensive processes such as vacuuming, shampooing, washing, dusting, cleaning, and conditioning. Interior cleaning is just as rewarding and important as cleaning the exterior.

Events & Party Cleaning

Whether it’s a networking event, a conference or a corporate work party and award night, our highly trained and experienced team of cleaners can get the job done and help to ensure an event that won’t soon be forgotten.

Sanitary Bins Management

We provide sanitary disposal bins and feminine hygiene service collections that can be easily incorporated into your existing bin collections. From standard feminine hygiene units through to premium “no touch” automatic lid sanitary disposal technology

Gabbage Collection

We arrange for waste collection and disposal services for businesses and residential areas throughout Nairobi, and we ensure that our customers are fully legally compliant and hold all the correct certification.

Housekeeping Services

Our home cleaning services provide homeowners with customized weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, seasonal or one-time specialty cleaning to meet your precise needs. Our trained and experienced house cleaners know that every house is different

Highrise Window Cleaning

As you know, clean glass makes such a difference to your home. We are not only famous for being a Window Cleaner you can rely on… a brand you can trust, it is the number one premium window cleaner in Nairobi Kenya