Post Construction Cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya

Post Construction Cleaning Service

If there is a time your home would really requires in-depth and thorough cleaning services, that would be immediately after completing construction or renovation process of your house or business building. With layers of dust and debris on every surface of your house and compound, you will definitely need a professional cleaning services team to professionally make your home livable. That is where our cleaning company comes in, The Matron cleaning services company will make your home clean and breathtaking within the shortest time possible.

Immediately your construction is completed and the debris is removed, do not hesitate to call us, The Matron cleaners to do the magic in cleaning your home. Our team of professionals will vigorously clean and prepare your new space from move-in to set-up using our readily available post construction cleaning materials and machinery.

The Matron Post construction cleaning services, is the most top notch cleaning services company you can hire to clean your home after construction work is done wherever you are within and outside Nairobi. We are headquartered in Nairobi and our services are available to all residents of the capital and its surroundings. Before settling in your newly constructed house, call us to schedule a professional post construction cleaning services appointment today.

After investing a huge sum of money in constructing a new house or renovating your old house, it is only logical that you walk into a freshly-sparkling clean space after its completion. At Matron cleaners, we understand the dangers associated with uncleaned constructed or renovated house. Therefore, we will ensure that your newly constructed or renovated house is very safe and harmonious since it’s the most important property you possess of the main basic needs.

We offer post construction cleaning services in various areas of the house including; Entries and Exits, carpets, hard-surface floors, bathrooms, light fixtures, blinds, doors and walls. We major mostly on the following cleaning services.

  • Cleaning Off All the Construction Leftovers
  • Hard Floors Scrubbing and Maintenance (Stripping and Sealing, Buffing)
  • Rescuing Carpets from Traffic, Dirt and Grime.
  • Walls and Baseboards Cleaning
  • Windows and Mirrors
  • Cabinets, Drawers and Closets
  • External Cleaning.

Hiring us will bring you a lot of benefits and advantages for instance, you will get fast, courteous, reliable services, we will be friendly to your pockets and save you a lot of time, we will also use eco-friendly materials which are harmless to your health. You will be at ease since all our services are licensed and legit and all our cleaning personnel are qualified and police checked.

We not only offer cleaning services to individuals but also to commercial large houses like Refurbished hotels, Recreational hotels, Spas, Shopping centers, Retails shops and Industrial parks all over Nairobi and its environs.

For everyone who have just completed constructing their business shops, we can get your shop up and running with just one simple call from us. We as the Matron cleaners urge you to rest easy since we got all your post construction cleaning needs covered.