Office Cleaning Services

A clean office is a productive office! For more than 15years in offering office cleaning services to business owners in Nairobi and its environs, we have been able to prove this point over and over again. Every boss wants his/her employees to be motivated and active for effective functioning of the office, to promote high production, and that is what we, The Matron cleaners are perfect at.

No client wants to do business deals in unpleasant office environment since the presence of dust in any office lowers indoor air quality hence making it uncomfortable and troublesome to concentrate. We therefore ensure that all your clients are always happy and enjoy being in your office by professionally cleaning your office to a polish.

Don’t worry about the size or how dirty your office may be; our many years of delivering quality office cleaning services has enabled us to acquire a lot of experience in the cleaning industry thus making us the number office cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya.

Be is a small, medium, large or extra-large office, we are more than ready to give your office a whole new look inside out. Call us now and our highly skilled personnel will clean your office leaving you seeing your reflection on the glass windows. You can therefore focus on how getting more clients as we reform your office.

As Matron cleaners, we pay keen attention to the health safety of your office team hence we use Eco-friendly materials in our cleaning. Our highly trained team of experts will take their time to wash your office window panes inside out to remove all the dust and grime. The same standards of washing will be extended to every corner, surface and corridors of your entire office, including kitchenette and bathrooms areas.

We target and focus more on metal and mirrors fixtures since they can pose a lot of risk and harm to your employees and clients if left hanging and loose. Employees’ work station is the next place to vigorously clean since it’s key in storing dust and microbes due to frequent movements of workers.

From the reception area, work stations, meeting rooms, washrooms all the way to the kitchen we will offer you relatively fair and moderate price in accordance with the size and the weight of cleaning working you require for your office to sparkle again.

We understand that times are tough economically that’s why we offer affordable charges to ensure that there is something left in your pockets. We guarantee you effective and efficient high quality services delivery at a small cost i.e. we give you value for your money.

Office Cleaning Services Description

Our impeccable reputation in the office cleaning industry has seen us maintain our top positon in this field of cleaning, hence, you can relax easy and let us clean your office to meet all your preference. We, offer a variety of professional office cleaning services in the following areas;

Vacuuming Carpets

Polishing Tiled Floors

Wiping and Disinfecting Door Handles

Wiping Skirting Boards and Painted Surfaces

Spot Cleaning (Tea and food Spills)

Kitchen and Food Prep Areas

External Fascial Cleaning

Cleaning Air Conditioning Vents

Car Park Cleaning

Empting Bins and Replacing Them.

The cleanliness of your office is of paramount significance to your office performance, company’s brand and clients’ perception therefore make that important call to us right now.