mattress ckeaning service Nairobi Kenya

Mattress Cleaning Service

Have you been missing a healthy night sleep due to the discomfort of your mattress caused by its untidy nature? At Matron cleaners understand that when you retire to your bed, all you want is to feel relaxed and ready for some good night’s sleep. We will therefore professionally clean your mattress to restore peace and relaxation back to your bed.

At Matron cleaning services company, we boast of well trained, qualified, efficient, reliable and committed cleaning staff who will clean your old, dirty or moldy mattress to give you a clean, nice-scented beddings, which will work as charm in sending you to sleep within no time.

We are the one number mattress cleaning services in Nairobi, therefore for your mattress cleaning needs you don’t have to look any further since you have just reached the masters of mattress cleaning.

With our long term experience in mattress cleaning services, we are highly reputable for our high quality service delivery in the cleaning industryin Kenya. Our valuable and outstanding service delivery is the main reason we lead as others follow.

We use 100% environmental friendly products, dry and safe modern technological chemicals which are totally harmless to you and you’re your family. This is because we understand that your bed is a very important part of your life since you spend quality time sleeping everyday (6-8 hours), hence we will ensure you a hygienic mattress. We also provide limitless range of different techniques in bacteria and fungi eradication from your mattress since these invisible microorganisms can cause a lot of health problems.

How Do We Clean Your Mattress?

At The Matron cleaners, we use different and strategic steps to ensure that we restore the brand new nature of your mattress and that it is free from germs, bacteria and fungi.

We start by vibrating the embedded clumped up dirt, into tiny particles through the process referred to as Pulverization. Afterwards we use our highly-effective extraction equipment to pump them into a tightly woven High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) bags to prevent them from flying away.

We then disinfect your mattress using an inbuilt Ultraviolet-C light as the fumigators to thoroughly sanitize your mattress. We apply steam carefully and extensively to your mattress to kill any stubborn bacteria and fungi that might still be in the mattress. Our steam cleaning procedure, will leave your mattress all fresh and shining.

We finally fumigate your already cleaned mattress entirely and vigorously again with safe and Eco-friendly chemical solutions to prevent future re-infestation of dust and microorganisms in your mattress. Our services include the removal of dust mites, mold, fungi and dead skin flakes without necessarily making your mattress wet.

Some of the reasons why you should choose our Mattress cleaning services wherever you are within Nairobi or its environs are very numerous and advantageous to you. They include;

  • Our professionally trained, reliable, well-organized, readily available and dedicated cleaning personnel who will give your mattress a whole new look.
  • Our quality, fast and standard services delivery for your mattress cleaning needs.
  • We use Safe products and Eco-friendly equipment which do not cause harm to your health.
  • Our 24 hour services delivery and clients’ satisfactions.

Don’t wait any longer, make that call right now and get the comfortable good night sleep you have been missing tonight.