Carpet Cleaning Service in Nairobi Kenya

Carpet Cleaning Service

Lingering odors and ghastly stains on a carpet, can be a real eyesore when walking into a room. A dirty carpet can make your entire house look untidy and disgusting even immediately after doing thorough cleaning of your whole house. Cleaning your dirty carpet yourself, is one option but hiring us, The Matron cleaners, to professionally give your carpet a new look, is the best option you can ever opt for.

We provide unbeatable carpet cleaning service in Nairobi Kenya. Our services are available for everyone in Nairobi and its environs. Our charges are fair and moderate; in that we offer you value for your money. We understand that different people have carpets of different colors, fabrics and sizes therefore we make a quote based on the kind of carpet you possess. Quality service delivery and provision is the reason behind our 15years of outstanding reputability and experience in the cleaning services industry.

Our 7days a week operational schedule enable us to attend to our clients’ needs all the time including late night, public holidays, weekends and festive seasons. This has built our reputation as the most reliable, convenient and readily available carpet cleaning services company in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole. We understand how busy you are with your daily routines therefore we offer our services at your own convenient time including late night carpet cleaning services.

Hiring The Matron Cleaners would mean you enjoying additional services for free. We will clean all your rugs, and offer Aftercare Protection for your carpets and rugs absolutely free. We use ScotchGard, a product which protect your carpet from getting dirty easily as it forms an invisible protective barrier between your carpet and stubborn stains. It gives you enough time to wipe off any type of spill before it penetrates into the carpet’s fabrics.

At Matron cleaners, we take pride in our modern technology strategies and equipment which we use to completely get rid of the toughest dirt and stains on your carpet. We are just one call away, dial that button today and see the difference in your carpet. We boast of a well-trained, qualified and disciplined team who will give you their best in your carpet cleaning, you therefore have nothing to worry about.

Our carpet cleaning services is professionally done in adherence to the government rules of keeping the environment clean and free from pollution. We begin your carpet cleaning process by noting the most heavily-soiled and stained parts. We follow by using our highly effective hot-water extraction method to thoroughly clean your carpet. We use Eco-friendly products to inject hot, soft water and proprietary cleaning solution into your carpet to kill all the bacterial and germs which might be present in the carpet. We then loosen the carpet and lifts it up to remove all the dirt and any soil particles from your carpet.

We can also use our wet carpet shampoo cleaning method to make your carpet look brand new again. This is an advanced method of cleaning where we use a modern machinery to with shampoo brushes which penetrates into the carpet fabric to remove hidden dirt, stains, dust from the carpet without distorting its colors.